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"The owner , Sahira , really helped me figure out how to get started with my commercial and print work. The business meeting was something I truly needed and couldn’t find anywhere else ! On top of that the Saturday acting classes allow us the opportunity to build our skills ! And its all done in such a beautifully decorated shop !"
- Krystyna M.

"Sahira was hosting a improv class at her studio that I went to. I love the delicate and beautiful antiques everywhere in her studio. Sahira is so knowledgeable and open about film and what goes into being a actress/actor! She is also such a kind hearted women, she always makes you feel welcomed and loved. Thank you Sahira!" 
- Alexa F.

"Sahira’s studio is a perfectly blended mix of her personal style, intrigue, and passion for acting. I attend her acting workshop and It has provided me with a newfound awareness, approach, and enthusiasm. The knowledge received is both practical and precious. I love her..she’s simply the best!"

- Richard F.

"Meisnercise at Sahira de los Santos Acting Studio was incredibly fun - full of emotion, laughs, cries, serious moments - and most importantly, I left having learned a lot from Sahira. I feel absolutely inspired and cannot wait to attend more of her classes!"

- Roller M.
"I had a wonderful experience here. I truly enjoyed the vintage ambiance upon entering the building. Moreover, Sahira is an excellent instructor with her knowledge of acting, and cinematic performance. We performed an exercise that was both informal on how actors prepare for a scene, but it was also reflective as we had to channel our emotions and assess our partners emotions as well. I greatly recommend Sahira’s business."
- Ovenore E.
Brandon R..jpg

Brandon Reardin

Writer and Filmmaker

Sahira is such a thoughtful and kind instructor. She takes the time to create a safe enviroment where we can explore ourselves and learn about acting in a new and unique way. Thankful for the experience!

Brian Fronjian

Brian Fronjian
Actor and Filmmaker 

What can I say other than that if you need a professional acting coach, Sahira is the best in town! Great people and great vibes. I highly recommend if you are serious about pursuing acting, or if you just want to get out of your shell and have some fun! Thanks a lot Sahira!

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas
Actor and Writer

I had a lot of fun at Sahira De Los Santos Acting Studio. After our first session, I walked away with a lot of knowledge on the Meisner Technique. I am looking forward to attending again!

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